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Pathology Testing and Blood Analysis

Pathology testing can be an excellent way to investigate your current health concerns and pinpoint treatment for the most effective clinical results. Our Naturopathic team can request an array of tests, from standard bloods to comprehensive hormone panels depending on presented conditions and outcome goals.


Testing costs will vary depending on tests requested, but as budget and cost-effective treatment is one of our pillars our practitioners work with patients to create an affordable and beneficial testing schedule for maximum clinical efficacy.


Tests include but are not limited to.

Hormone (endocrinology)

                Female Hormone Profile

                Male hormone Profile

                Thyroid Testing

                Adreno cortex Stress Profile

                Oestrogen Metabolites


                Stool Analysis

                GI MAP Test

                SIBO Breath Test

Food Intolerance / Sensitivities

                Food Intolerance Panels



                Hair Tissue Analysis

                Environmental Pollutant Panel

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