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Whether you are feeling under the weather, recovering from injury or simply need a tune up, BCHC can assist on your road to recovery using evidence based and effective Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy or Nutritional therapies.

Here at BCHC we pride ourselves on 4 Pillars

1. Education and Efficacy- Our practitioners treat within their scope, with the most efficacy based methods available and provide to all our patients the most appropriate and up to date treatment protocols available.

2. Dignity and Respect- Our practitioners, honour and respect our patients choices and life path. We are here to help not judge. Our clinic is a safe space for all.

3. Pricing and cost- At BCHC we aim to provide affordable and achievable health options to all patients, including product pricing and testing. Health care should be affordable to all.

4. Collaboration- It takes a village, we at BCHC live by this statement. Whether by collaborating with patients, their family, other practitioners or simply opening up alternative support networks to provide the best health care options for each individuals health circumstances.

Each appointment with BCHC is tailored to suit your presenting condition and needs, with degree qualified practitioners.

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